Where is Home, Little Pip?

Where is Home, Little Pip?
September 23, 2008 (hardcover)
Margaret K. McElderry • Illustrated by Jane Chapman
ISBN-10: 068985983X • ISBN-13: 978-0689859830

Suggest ages for this book:
4 - 8 years old, but babies and toddlers also benefit from the rhyme and repeating phrases.


On a cold Antarctic shore baby penguin, Little Pip, greets the world with a cheerful curiosity. Her home is a pebbly nest made cozy by Mama and Papa who sing her a special lullaby every night.

Our home is where the land is free
from hill or mountain, twig or tree,
in our pebbly nest by the stormy sea
where Mama and Papa and Pip make three.”

All is well until Little Pip chases an irrestible black feather too far from home. Oh no! Pip is lost. How will she find her way home? And where is home anyway? Come along with Little Pip as she learns that home really is where the heart is.

inside spread for Where is Home, Little Pip?

inside spread for Where is Home, Little Pip?

Every day Pip played, “Whoosh....whiiiiish....wheeeeee!!!!!



Where is Home, Little Pip?Once a wonderful editor had an unusual request for me. “I'd love a penguin book.”

I asked her, “What kind of penguin book?”

She said, “Oh, I don't know. Maybe the penguin could be lost.”

I was skeptical that I could come up with an acceptable story, but lo and behold Pip stormed into my braincells and came alive on my computer. She's become near and dear to my heart and there will be many Pip books to come.

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"Well-structured text, genuine emotions, and beautiful full-bleed illustrations in a palette that ranges from cool whites and blues to warm pinks, corals, and tans combine to produce a wonderful story of a loving family separated and then reunited."

School Library Journal for Where is Home, Little Pip?

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