Whopper Cake

Whopper Cake
June 2006
Margarent K. McElderry, Imprint of Simon & Schuster
lllustrations by Will Hillenbrand
ISBN-10: 0689838441 • ISBN-13: 978-0689838446

Reading level for this book:
Ages 4-8

“I’m sure no cook,” says Granddad,
“but it would seem to me,
two cups of sugar ain’t enough.
I’ll put in twenty-three.”

(Twenty-three pounds, that is…)

The result? Granddad can’t find a pan big enough for the batter and has to use the bed of his old jalopy truck instead. Rhyming text, rollicking rhythm, and riotous retro illustrations by Will Hillenbrand make Whopper Cake the perfect book for any celebration—even if it’s just a celebration of silliness. Included at the end of the book is a Whopper Cake recipe (of more reasonable proportions) written in Granddad’s dialect.


Whopper CakeWhopper Cake is a madcap book about a Granddad on a mission, and that mission is to make Grandma the world’s biggest cake for her birthday bash.  Granddad has a recipe all right—a recipe for disaster!  You see, he’s one of those cooks who likes to “tweak” things just a little. 

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“The programming possibilities are numerous; this title will easily mix with books on birthdays, grandparents, tall tales, or cooking, to name a few. Chocolate cake aficionados should be sure to follow the appended recipe, not the one invented by Grandpa!”
—School Library Journal, 2007

“Wilson (Bear Snores On) and Hillenbrand (Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!) cook up a sweet and jaunty picture book.”
—Publisher’s Weekly, 2007

“It's Grandma's birthday, and Granddad has some BIG ideas. With a steady, fast rhythm, perfect rhyme, and energetic vocabulary to match, Wilson creates a whopper of a tale that children will be asking to have read over and over.”
—Children’s Literature, 2007


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