What's the Weather Inside?
March 10, 2009
Margaret K. McElderry • lllustrations by Barry Blitt
ISBN-10: 1-4169-0092-6 • ISBN-13: 978-1416900924

Reading level for this book:
Ages 9-12

What's the Weather Inside?Gophers Wearing Loafers

Gophers wearing loafers--
that would be a silly sight.
Or a reindeer wearing rain gear
on a dark and stormy night.
Tomcats wearing top hats
to a fancy ballroom dance.
Or a coo-coo in a tu-tu
sporting flowered underpants.
A turkey gone bezeerky
while she wears a frilly dress.
Oh, if animals wore clothing,
My, this world would be a mess.
But it could be a whole lot worse,
why, some would say a sin,
if people DIDN’T wear their clothes
and ran around in skin!


Alligator Purse

"Oh dahling, don't you love my purse,
It's genuine alligator."
She said that just this morning
but then a little later
she reached inside her handbag
and it ate her.


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What's the Weather Inside?I am pleased to announce a new collection of 100 outrageously silly yet sometimes philosophic poems for children. I hesitate to say this book is in the style of Shel Silverstein, because Shel’s genius isn’t easily imitated, and I don’t aim to try. However, I have been a fan of Shel’s work since I rode a bike with a banana seat and sported a Dorothy Hamill haircut. In this tome I tackle such themes as a father’s tattoo, yellow snow, Onomatopoeia, and science fairs.

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"…Wilson delivers is plenty of kid-pleasing humor. Blitt's energetic drawings explode off the page, sometimes false to the letter of the poems but always true to their spirit, contributing a rich and inventive partnership between text and art and adding to the considerable fun of this lively collection."

Claudia Mills, Ph.D., Children's Literature for What's the Weather Inside?

"All in all, a great choice for read-alouds or individual enjoyment."

Lauralyn Persson, School Library Journal

"Early on, Wilson (Bear Snores On) throws down the gauntlet in her wide-ranging book of humorous, often edgy poetry, Silversteinian in its format and sensibility."

Publisher's Weekly for What's the Weather Inside?

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