Never Ever Shout in a Zoo
March 2004
lllustrations by Douglas Cushman
ISBN-10: 0439774721 • ISBN-13: 978-0439774727

Reading level for this book:
Baby - Preschool




You should never EVER shout in a zoo, because if you do, anything might happen! And in this book just about anything does. When a young girl shouts in a zoo she scares a bear who charges out of his pen and sets off a series of catasrophic events! Similar in style to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie this book will keep kids (and adults) giggling.

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“The bouncy text makes use of alliteration, repetition, and rhyming phrases as the narrator speaks directly to the bumptious child ("Uh-oh! Don't say I didn't warn you").”
–School Library Journal reviewing Never Ever Shout in a Zoo

"She (Karma Wilson) brings her tremendous sense of humor to this new animal tale about chaos at a zoo, chaos that was unintentionally provoked by a little shout from a little girl."
–Borders reviewing Never Ever Shout in a Zoo

“Watercolor and colored pencil illustration show great expressions and much energy. A fun book in the If You Give a Moose a Muffin tradition.”
–Field Guide to Parenting reviewing Never Ever Shout in a Zoo

Never Ever Shout in a Zoo was Border's Original Voices choice for May 2004.

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