Moose Tracks!

Moose Tracks!
February 28, 2006 (hardcover, first edition)
Margaret K McElderry • Ilustrations by Jack E. Davis
ISBN-10: 0689834373 • ISBN-13: 978-0689834370

Suggest ages for this book:
4 - 8 years old, but toddlers also benefit from the rhyme and repeating phrases.


Moose tracks are everywhere—in the kitchen, hallway, den, and bedroom. There is also bear hair, nut shells, mouse prints, feathers, and woodchips too—but those things are all accounted for. But who left those moose tracks, hmmm? It’s a messy mystery told in rollicking rhyme with a surprise ending that will leave kids giggling!

There are moose tracks in my kitchen, and I'm itchin' to know why!


What do you get when you mix a children’s book author who loves writing in rhyme with a giant bowl of Moose Tracks Ice Cream?  A fantastically silly book about a very messy moose. It’s true, I thought of Moose Tracks while stuffing my face with my favorite ice cream.  I took one look at the name on the carton and thought, “Great title for a book.” Here’s the really funny thing about Moose Tracks—I had no idea who the protagonist was until I was half way through the book.  I kept asking my critique friends, “But who exactly is telling the story?”  At first I was thinking it was a child.  Then it dawned on me—no, it’s the silly Moose himself. 


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Moose Tracks! has been nominated for several state awards

“Part game, part mystery, Wilson's (Bear Snores On) rhyming, jaunty story brims with eccentric characters.”

Publishers Weekly

“The colorful blend of acrylics, water, and ink illustrations give the book a playful summer day feeling. The animals take on human characteristics by eating at the table, taking baths, and sleeping in a bed. The rhythmic, rhyming text has a sing-song appeal that makes this a fun read aloud.”

Children’s Literature

“The creatures are packed with personality: a ram wears tortoiseshell glasses and a polka-dot bow tie, a goose with a pearl necklace delicately sips tea, and a smiling mouse maid scurries around trying to keep up with the clutter. An enjoyable choice for storytime, this book will hold children's interest right up to the amusing-and appropriately predictable-ending.”

—Susan E. Murray, School Library Journal

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