Mama Always Comes Home

Mama Always Comes Home
March 15, 2005 (hardcover, first edition)
HarperCollins • Illustrations by Brooke Dyer
ISBN-10: 0060575050 • ISBN-13: 978-0689834370
Paperback Edition ISBN: 0060575077

Suggest ages for this book:
toddler / preschool


Mama Bird and Mama Cat and even teensy-weensy Mama Mole must leave their little ones from time to time. But rain or shine, in a tree or in the sea, mamas everywhere find their way home with cozy hugs and lots of love, because mamas always come home.

But all the little birdies cry
when mama says she has to fly.
She cuddles each, then chirps, “Good-bye.”
and tucks them into bed.









One day an editor called and asked if I could write a book about separation anxiety.  The truth is I couldn’t draw on my own experience for this title.  My own children were always more than happy to see me go.  “See ya, Mom!”  It actually made me feel a little paranoid!  But I do have friends who deal with the issue of separation anxiety.  I turned to the animal world to tell the story because I wanted to convey to children that ALL moms must sometimes leave.  And I didn’t peg this for just “working moms” either.  I didn’t  specify in the text where Mama went because I wanted the book to work for any Mama, whether she was going to the grocery store, the gym, the office or just “out with friends”. 


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"Lighthearted and upbeat. The paintings…show tender moments between the mothers and their children and perfectly illustrate the comforting text."

Rocky Mountain News

“Presented with a delicate and loving touch, this book embodies the power of thoughtful text supported by insightful pictures. A good choice for parents and children dealing with separation anxiety.”

— Susan Weitz, School Library Journal

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