Baby Cakes
September 5, 2006
Little Simon • lllustrations by Sam Williams
ISBN-10: 1416902899 • ISBN-13: 978-1416902898

Reading level for this book:
Ages 1-4
Grades P-P

Baby CakesThis interactive board book is the perfect choice for little ones who have a hard time sitting through a book. A delightful baby game, the book starts with a kiss on the nose and a smooch on the toes and ends with a tight hug night night. Share with your favorite little Baby Cakes. It's the perfect way to end any day. Rhyme and rhythm paired with plenty of fun interaction keep babies engaged and happy. The adorable illustrations by Sam Williams incorporate bright colors and lots of pictures of faces, both surefire ways to capture a baby’s attention.


Baby CakesOne day the words, “Baby Cakes, Baby Cakes, I love you” just popped into my mind and the rest of the poem  quickly followed. I envisioned a book that parents could sing to their babies throughout the day, a book that wouldn’t just be read but would shared with baby and performed. Parents tell me that’s just what it has become, and I’m most proud that it’s one of my agent’s little nephew’s favorite.

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Awards & Honors for Baby Cakes:

A Parenting Magazine “Mom Tested Buying Guides” selection.

"It is a charming book and one that kids should enjoy having read to them quite a few times."

Children's Literature for Baby Cakes

"Baby Cakes is an interactive board book that is designed to keep a baby’s interest by making every page a special interaction between reader and baby.  Kiss, smooch, nibble, tickle, sing to and hug your own special little “Baby Cakes”.  Sam William’s colorful illustrations of various babies playing with their own “baby cakes” (a teddy bear) are sure to catch the eye of baby, while Karma Wilson’s catchy rhymes keep their attention and help set language patterns."

Parenting Magazine for Baby Cakes

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