Beautiful Babies:
A Touch-and-Feel Book

January 27, 2009
Little Simon • lllustrations by Karma Wilson
ISBN-10: 1-4169-1908-2 • ISBN-13: 978-1416919087

Reading level for this book:
Ages 1-4

In the spring when things turn green,

Many babies can be seen!

It’s springtime and babies are everywhere! Fluffy chicks, quacky ducklings, and itty-bitty bunnies too. Each baby is fun to see and fun to touch in this touch and feel baby bonanza. Written in rhyme and embellished with realistic textures for baby to feel, this book helps little ones explore the animal world in a tactile way. Illustrated by Karma Wilson with original photographs, this book makes a perfect addition to any Easter basket.


When I was 9 years old my grandparents gave me my first camera to take pictures while I toured Fiji with my mother. I snapped 11 rolls of film, and true to my nature I lost them all before the film was developed. I still mourn that loss. Now that I have a digital camera I don’t lose as many pictures (just accidently delete them). Beautiful Babies was born from a Christmas card. I took a photo of my adorable new Christmas puppy and turned it into my yearly Christmas card. My editor loved it so much she asked if I could take more pictures of baby animals for a board book. I jumped at the opportunity and spent the next year braving the world of baby animal photography. During the creation of this book I was pooped on, pecked, spit on (angry llama mama), kicked out of a pet store, and almost trampled by an angry stallion. No animals were harmed in the making of the book, but I almost died. But the result in my opinion was worth every minute!

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"Tiny readers will enjoy touching and looking and hearing Beautiful Babies time and time again."

–Kendal Rautzhan, The Times Herald


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