This page is dedicated to the bios of characters in Karma’s books. Get to know characters from the following books:

Pip Books
Bear Books
Hilda Must be Dancing
Mortimer's Christmas Manger
Frog in the Bog


From the Little Pip Books:


Little Pip lives on the Cold Antarctic shore in a pebbly nest with her Mama and Papa. She loves fish dinners, pretty feathers, and sledding. Pip is very courageous and outgoing. She enjoys meeting new animals and exploring, but when evening comes she is happy to settle down in her cozy nest with Mama and Papa. Pip’s best friend is a happy-go-lucky penguin named Merry.


Little Pip’s mother is an excellent fisherman. She has the most beautiful voice in the penguin colony and she adores singing lullabies to her daughter, Little Pip. She is happily married to Papa.


Papa is known as the most skilled nest builder in the colony. He enjoys sledding with his daughter Pip and telling her tall tales about a mysterious faraway land—the North Pole. Papa has a fine voice and sings beautiful duets with his wife, Mama.

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From the Bear Books:


Bear, the cuddly, loveable main character of the Bear books, is most well known for being a good and faithful friend. His favorite foods are berries, fish and popcorn. His friends say he is an excellent storyteller.  When he isn’t sleeping Bear enjoys playing with his woodland pals. He is also an excellent swimmer, and loves taking a dip on a hot, summer day. Bear lives in the deep, dark woods and he makes his home in a cozy lair. 


Mouse is the smallest character in the bear books, but he has one of the biggest hearts.  He is said to be an excellent cook. He enjoys black tea, especially when shared with friends. His favorite spot in the world is riding on top of Bear’s back, where he says the view is grand.  Mouse lives in a small hole at the base of a large Tamarack tree next to Strawberry Vale.


Hare is one of the Bear’s friends. He is a prankster who loves to play practical jokes, but only nice ones. Hare enjoys having fun, but he’s also not afraid of hard work. Hare’s favorite meal is fresh clover washed down with clear, mountain creek water. He lives in a giant cottonwood tree, but spends quite a bit of his time in Bear’s Lair.

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Badger lives not far from Bear.  He is a kindhearted, loveable chap. He is known to be generous and enjoys sharing, especially honey nuts. Badger is also an avid fisherman and his favorite fishing spot is at “Ol’ Fishin’ Hole”. Badger lives in his own cozy den across the stream and three trees down from Bear’s lair.


Gopher is an adventurer. He’s always digging tunnels to new and exciting places. But he never forgets his friends in the woods and is sure to bring them trinkets from the new places he visits. Gopher never lives inone spot for long, but he’s never too far from Bear’s home. Gopher is excellent at throwing a good party, and he makes a tasty honey cake.

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Mole is best friends with Gopher, but he’s not nearly as adventurous.  He enjoys digging, but he stays close to his cozy, leaf-lined nest beneath the wild rose bush. He is said to be a fine musician, and he whistles merry tunes while spending time in Bear’s lair. His favorite meal is wild currents with hazelnuts. 


Wren is the second smallest of Bear’s friends, but he has the courage of a mighty eagle.  He isn’t known to be afraid of anything except being alone. Wren is full of energy, and he flitters and flutters wherever he goes, bringing a breath of fresh air to every party.  Wren is also a fine singer, and he is known to perform duets with Mole. He enjoys sitting down to a meal of wild grass seeds and elderberry juice. 


Raven is extremely intelligent. While it is rumored that owls are the “wise” birds, Raven is actually the wisest creature in the woods. He is a “watcher” and he can find anything that may be lost because he has extremely good eyesight and a sharp mind. He is an excellent friend to have because he is exceptionally loyal. Raven enjoys collecting shiny treasures, and is rumored to have a vast treasure buried somewhere near Bear’s lair—but only Raven knows the exact spot (though Gopher has his suspicions). Raven will fly five miles if there are pine nuts to be found, which happens to be his favorite meal.

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Owl is Bear’s newest friend.  He is timid, and hard to get to know at first, but a very caring friend and worth the effort. He prefers to stay hidden away during the day, and come out toward the evening hours. His eyes are a tad sensitive to sunlight, but he will come out to play on some days if his friends ask nicely. Owl loves the dark coziness of Bear’s lair, and he spends many evenings there preening his feathers in front of the fire, listening to music, and sipping tea.

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Hilda (from Hilda Must be Dancing):

Hilda is a big hippo with bigger dreams. She loves to dance. Hilda’s favorite type of dancing is Water Ballet. She’s quite good at it and draws large crowds from all over the jungle community. Hilda is big on keeping up with the current fashion trends, and she wears her clothes with flair! Nobody dresses better than Hilda. Hilda loves dining on the vegetation that grows in her favorite lake.

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Mortimer (from Mortimer's Christmas Manger):

Mortimer Mouse lives in a big house with a kind family. He hates cramped and creepy places, which is why he wanted to trade his tight little hole in the wall for the nice open nativity scene he found. In upcoming tales you will see that Mortimer is also an avid gardener. Mortimer tends to be a bit stubborn about some things, but when he comes to his senses he’s quite reasonable. Mortimer loves spicy candy, specifically gumdrops (though they do make his fur sticky). He also enjoys sunflower seeds.

Frog (from Frog in the Bog):

Frog lives in a soggy, foggy, buggy bog. He is always hungry and he has a taste for insects of all kinds. Tsk. Tsk. His voracious appetite has gotten him in big trouble. The thing frog fears most in the world are alligators. He loves wearing hats to keep the sun out of his eyes.

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