Uh-oh, Calico!

Uh-oh, Calico!
February 5, 2008 (hardcover)
Little Simon; Brdbk editionIlls. by Buket Erdogan
ISBN-10: 141691904X • ISBN-13: 978-1416919049

Suggest ages for this book:
Baby - preschool


Uh-Oh, Calico! is the adorable follow up to Hello, Calico. In this story Calico is having rough day. She’s spilling milk, accidentally trampling the flowers, and being a typical “clumsy” toddler. She can’t help it! Is Mama mad? No! And when Calico almost hurts herself, Mama shows how much she loves her kitten.

Incorporating rhyme, alliteration, repeating words and phrases, and delightful illustrations by Bucket Erdogan (who illustrated the charming Mouse’s First series) this series was created specifically to catch and keep the attention of babies and toddlers (no easy task).



Uh-oh, Calico!Calico is such a fun series for me to write. I love writing very simple, rhyming text. It can be challenging to craft a story in rhyme with compelling characters, plot, and conclusion in less than 200 words! But it’s one of the challenges I enjoy the most. Calico is a character I love more and more as she continues to evolve. The illustrator’s vision for this series is perfect—it’s cheerful, colorful, bright and bold—every thing that appeals to the youngest children.


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