Bear's Loose Tooth

Bear's Loose Tooth
August 30, 2011 (Hardcover)
Margaret K. McElderry imprint of Simon & Schuster • Illustrated by Jane Chapman
ISBN-10: 141695855X • ISBN-13: 978-1416958550

Suggested ages for this book:
3 - 7 years old, but babies and toddlers also benefit from the rhyme and repeating phrases.

Bear and his friends are munching on their lunch, when all of sudden... Bear feels something wiggling and wobbling in his mouth. Oh, no! What can it be? It’s Bear’s first loose tooth!

In the first Bear book in three years, Bear’s friends ease his concerns about his wiggly, wobbly tooth and help him understand losing a baby tooth is perfectly natural. This funny and reassuring story will delight anyone who’s ever had a loose tooth.

From a cave in the forest
as Bear and his friends
all nibbled on their lunch.

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