Bear Feels Sick

Bear Feels Sick
September 2007 (Hardcover)
Simon & Schuster • Illustrated by Jane Chapman
ISBN-10: 0689859856 • ISBN-13: 978-0689859854

Suggested ages for this book:
4 - 8 years old, but babies and toddlers also benefit from the rhyme and repeating phrases.

Below are a couple of Karma's favorite spreads from inside Bear Feels Sick.

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Bear Feels SickIt’s something no parent wants to hear. “Mama, I feel sick.” Well I remember the futility of trying to explain to my young children WHY they felt so yucky. There was nothing fun about being sick except getting better! Strangely, there are not a lot of picture books dealing with the subject of minor illnesses, but it’s a subject that every child (and parent) deals with. Common colds, flues, even allergies can upset our normal routines and leave a care giver feeling helpless. I wanted to write a cheerful book about a depressing subject. I wanted to write a book that could be read anytime, but especially when a child was just plain feeling sick. I wanted to write a book that could be a comforting spot in an otherwise miserable time. And so I turned to my old friend “Bear” to help me out. I feel the book deals with the subject in a way that children will relate to and parents can appreciate. 

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Awards & Honors for Bear Feels Sick:

Winner of the 2008 Kansas Reads to Preschoolers

"The language, with its strong rhythm, rhyme and repetitive structure, is very appealing and lends itself well to activities that build phonemic awareness. The underlying messages about respecting and valuing others are positive. Furthermore, the stories avoid triteness."

Mary Hynes-Berry, Children’s Literature reviewing Bear Feels Sick

"The rhyming text and oft-repeated refrain (Bear Feels Sick) make this book irresistible when read aloud. What more could anyone ask when under the weather than a snug house and plenty of TLC?"

Susan E. Murray, School Library Journal reviewing Bear Feels Sick

"This gentle rhyming tale about being sick and taking care of friends is sure to cheer up even the sniffliest of small patients. This is a sure soother for anyone home sick in bed."

Kirkus for Bear Feels Sick

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