Bear Wants More
March 2004
Simon & Schuster • lllustrations by Jane Chapman
ISBN-10: 0743477944 • ISBN-13: 978-0743477949

Suggested ages for this book:
2+ years old

Bear finds some roots to eat, but that's not enough. He wants more! With his friends' help, he finds some berries, clover, and fish to eat, but that's not enough. Bear wants more!

How Bear's friends help him to finally satisfy his HUGE hunger in a most surprising way will enchant young readers. Karma Wilson's rhythmic text and Jane Chapman's vibrant illustrations make Bear Wants More a perfect springtime read-aloud.

“When springtime comes,
in his warm winter den
a bear wakes up
very hungry and thin!"

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New York Times Bestseller in the picture book category.

“The rollicking, rhyming text flows smoothly, and the repeated refrain will have youngsters chiming right in. The acrylic illustrations are brightly colored, and the creatures, although they are sweetly appealing and use tools, look distinctly like wild animals; the details are wonderful."

“The sing-song rhythm of the rhyming couplets lends sprightliness to the ebullient tale. Chapman’s acrylic paintings sparkle with the freshness of the vernal season; vibrant, varying shades of greens drench the pages in a riot of blossoming hues. Bear is rendered as appealing as ever; this lovable lump of soft brown fur is as cozy and comforting as a well-loved teddy. Fans will enjoy the fun of revisiting with this convivial pack of forest friends."
–Kirkus Reviews reviewing Bear Wants More

“Several books follow the footsteps of earlier titles. The ursine hero from the best-selling Bear Snores On emerges from hibernation in Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson, illus. by Jane Chapman. The "more" he wants is food, of course: "When springtime comes,/ in his warm winter den/ a bear wakes up/ very hungry and thin!" His friends are happy to indulge him, but when he heads home, stuffed, he's in for a surprise."
–Publisher's Weekly reviewing Bear Wants More

"Elementary teachers will find this very useful in both bear and hibernation units and story-time, children will ask for it again and again."
–Children's Literature reviewing Bear Wants More

"An appealing romp about springtime and friendship."
–Booklist reviewing Bear Wants More

"...unlike most sequels, this one sparkles nearly as bright as the original gem."  "By the time Bear snuggles in the grass snoring big snores, it's so sweet, sweet, sweet that we'll all want more."
–Midwest Book Review reviewing Bear Wants More

"Bouncy verse and a wry ending make for a sprightly read, while Chapman's dewy acrylics evoke a fresh spring day. A charming sequel to the bestseller Bear Snores On."
–Child Magazine reviewing Bear Wants More


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