Karma’s Favorite Photos: Captions in Karma’s Words


This is my son, Michael - age 12.

This is my little pip-squeak dog, Leah.
We love her so much.

David and Michael fishing
I love this picture!

My wonderful children David - 7, Michael - 9,
and Chrissy - 5, at Glacier Park.

This is a picture I took by where we live. The flowers are called Camas flowers and they are very common in early summer/late spring.

This is my daughter, Chrissy - age 8.

This is David - age 10, and Chrissy - age 8.

This is Michael age 12 and my husband at a pond where we fish called Carolyn's Pond.

This is my son, David - age 10.

My husband, Scott, and I in Astoria.
Isn't it romantic?

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