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First of all I want to thank you for reading my books to your children. There is really no greater compliment a writer can receive. As a mother of three and a former daycare provider I know the significance that books can play in a child’s life. It is my goal to provide you with quality literature that can be used for bedtime, story time, or just plain old “together” time. And while I want children to love and enjoy my books, I really strive to create stories that YOU won’t mind reading….over…and over…and over again. When an adult enjoys reading a book, the child is much more likely to enjoy listening to it.

On this page I have categorized books into the right occasion so that your child will become engaged with reading and not get bored with a book that is not suitable. Storytime with Mom and Dad lays the foundation for your child's learning enthusiasm for the rest of their life. Choosing wisely can make the difference between a child who loves to read and learn and one who feels apart from their peers and finds school difficult. Together, we can hook your son or daughter on reading and education.

Please share any ideas or activities you have with while reading these books. Email me with the contact information in the footer. Right now, I want you to give your child(ren) a hug from me. I hope that they may someday write the books I read to my grandchildren.


Karma Wilson

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Books for the Right Occasion

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