Kid's Korner


Frog in the Bog

Join me for storytime and let's read Frog in the Bog. Is this about a little dog? A great big hog? Or chili-dog? No no no, it's about a friskie frog! Let's find out together.

Karm's beast

Karma with her "Beast" at age 2.

Karma loves to be silly.

How about you? Here’s a fun silly thing to do: take a favorite poem and rewrite it sillier. Here is one of hers. Can you guess what the original was?

Mary Had a Giant Beast

Mary had a giant beast.
His teeth were sharp and long.
And everywhere that Mary went
the beast would tag along.
He followed her to school one day
which really wasn’t cool.
The children shrieked and ran away
to see a beast at school!

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