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Category Archives: Writing

On Writing: Wordy equals weak!

The other day a reporter interviewed me about writing for children.  We talked for two hours I think.  She was patient, but she kept reeling me back on topic because once I start talking–watch out.  I’m wordy. (The reporter, bless her writer-weary soul, transcribed 11,000 words from the interview. EEK) I think I’m wordy while […]

Plagiarizing Personalities? Why kids need writing skills!

Wall Street Journal had a very interesting article about a new Internet phenomenon.  The explosion of online dating and networking sites has created a new form of plagiarism, and it’s not pretty.  People desperate to impress are apparently cut-n-pasting themselves an extreme personality makeover! According to the WSJ article: “Among the 125 million people in the […]

E.B. White: Death of a Pig, Birth of a Classic Children’s Novel?

You know, of course, that E.B. White wrote classic children’s novels like Charlotte’s Web and The Trumpet of the Swan. As a child I enjoyed Charlotte’s Web quite a lot. In my favorites it ranked just above Are You There God it’s Me Margaret and below The Chronicles of Narnia (everything ranked below Narnia until […]

A poem and some pictures….

I took a walk with my camera and I was inspired to write a poem. I hope you will indulge me in allowing me to share it with you. Some of the pictures aren’t tack sharp. I took a cheap lens because it is light weight and has a long zoom, and I just wanted […]