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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

Category Archives: Writing

Helping Children Anticipate and Predict

Storytelling/Writing Tip I am a firm believer that storytelling in the early developmental years is one of the keys to literacy and literacy efforts. I am not just talking about reading a story to a group of kids, I am referring instead to the art of storytelling, which is more of a performance and less […]

She’s Not

For all you moms with tween girls…maybe you can relate. Chrissy She’s not cute anymore. Not pretty.  Not adorable. She’s not toothless. She’s not thigh-high, tugging my shirt. She’s not begging for Barbies. She’s not following her brothers around, trying to get their attention. She’s not reading Magic Schoolhouse or watching Blues Clues. But damn […]

Poetry Friday-In memory of Shel

Shel…. The master of show, and never tell. Shel. Wrote pint-sized sarcasm oh-so-well. Shel. Didn’t care that children often rebel. Shel. At visual humor, oh how he excelled. Shel. Putting kids everywhere under his spell. Shel. Sure to inspire, sure to compel. Shel. Went up and not down when he fell. Shel. KW….

Poems for Poetry Month

I’ll be posting some original poetry for National Poetry Month. They will range from somber to silly. Here is a more somber selection. I have been asked by many children to write poems about dealing with grief after losing a pet. Here is a poem I wrote shortly after our dog Chip (13 yrs old, […]