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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

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Rhyming Judge

 In pursuit of my love of all things rhyming I googled “Rhyme” and trolled the news section results. This is a fun and cute little story. In Tacoma, WA and a judge got fed up with a lawyer who filed an overly long (wordy) lawsuit.  So he wrote a limerick to the lawyer telling him […]

Contest open two more days!

I’m leaving the 4th of July contest open for two more days! Enter to win a signed copy of How to Bake an American Pie. I hope your summer is going as nicely as mine. Yesterday we went swimming in Dicky Lake. Here’s a photo (note, I didn’t take it).  It’s just beautiful and the […]

What words make you giggle?

There are certain words that just sound ridiculous. When I hear them I can’t help but giggle. For instance, “flabbergasted”. I’m sorry, but that sounds like a bodily function, and not a pleasant one (um, is there such thing as a pleasant bodily function…but I digress). Weimaraner is another one–cute dog, stupid name! Seems to […]


I didn’t know my dad growing up.  I still don’t. Well, I guess I knew him briefly as a child. I have foggy memories of smoky parties that occured during short visits at his Denver apartment–lots of long hair, incense, guitars and group singalongs.  But when I moved to Idaho at age seven with my mother all […]