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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

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Back to School Big Book Bonanaza Giveaway!!!

Well, it’s time for another giveaway and this is a big one! Two lucky winners will win five of my signed books each! All you need to do to enter is answer this question: “When she was a child what were Karma’s two favorite genre’s in fiction?” Take a gander at my “Meet Karma” page […]

Now I must read this book!

Did you see this article? I really am curious about this book (Requiem for a Beast) which was determined to be one of the best picture books by the  Children’s Book Council Awards in Australia.  It looks like a picture book, but apparently is more of a graphic novel. Some people are all atwitter because […]

Back to school, back to blogging!

Hello everybody! What a full summer it’s been. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Of course, I also can’t believe I’m the mother of a 16-yr-old and am almost forty! Yikes. I’m back for the new school year, and I pledge to keep up on this blog for the coming school year. The exciting news […]

Impressions of Philly–Pat, Geno and Julie

I have been away on a trip to Philly. I had a great time! Purpose of the trip: I went to sign almost 2000 books for a Toys-R-Us promo. It was actually cheaper and easier to fly me to the books than to fly the books to me!  The Simon & Schuster warehouse is actually […]