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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

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500 FB Likes Giveaway! CONTEST CLOSED

NOTE: You can’t enter the contest in comments here! You need to use the contest entry form: Thank you all so much for liking my professional FB fan page! It’s such a great honor to connect with my readers and I love social media for making that so much easier. We have reached 500 […]

Back from my NW book tour!

Portland and Seattle were amazing! So many wonderful people. I want to thank the booksellers and educators who went out of their way to bring me to the schools. And I would also love to thank the children, who listened with such wide eyes and open ears. Hugs! Now it is back to writing and […]

Win cash for your local library!

JetBlue Airlines is sponsoring a contest that could land your local library $10,000 in cash for books!  You have exactly ONE day left to enter your local library in the JetBlue Soar With Reading contest!  Nominating your local library also enters you into a sweepstakes for a family vacation to Atlantis, and who doesn’t want […]

Alliteration: Spices stories subtly!

WRITING TIP: Alliteration is the Jalapeno of writing. A little bit can add spice and interest to your story, but too much can overwhelm the reader and give them indigestion. Sprinkle a few sentences of alliteration in, only when it feels natural and doesn’t stop flow. If you find yourself thumbing through the thesaurus looking […]