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Category Archives: My Thoughts

Gift Horses today….

Let’s have a look at language.  Did you ever stop and pause at the phrase, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth?” No?  Must just be me. Anyway, here is one phrase that is definitely past its time. The phrase goes back at least as far as 1546, the first recorded form of it in […]

Keeping an open mind….

When I do school visits, something I like to tell the kids is that they need to keep their mind open so ideas are free to fall inside.  As a writer, especially as a writer for children, it’s very important to be open to suggestion. And a suggestion might show up anywhere. Keeping an open […]

New Year Re-solution

Have you ever noticed that the word resolution broken down is simply a solution redone?  Re-solution.  There is a reason for that–at the beginning of every year we think of solutions to our life’s problems, and promise ourselves we’re going to set the solutions into motion.  Then many times our solutions fail, or more likely […]

Lead-free? Books and Twigs!

I was just listening to the radio today and heard a  little news blurb.  It appears with all the “made-in-China” mayhem going on that book sales are soaring.  It’s kind of discouraging that it takes the fear of lead poisoning to boost book sales, but we authors will take what we can get.  Honestly, as […]