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Giveaway #4-Nov. 20th: Books and Movies!

I’m gearing up for my next giveaway. I have a school visit in Missoula next week, so I’m pushing the date out a bit since I’ll be away. The next giveaway is scheduled for November 20th. And here’s something exciting–the wonderfully generous entertainment journalist Jane Boursaw has donated some new, unopened children’s movies for the next giveaway!  Be sure to check […]

Giveaway #4 and some book news…

Well, well–it’s time for my next giveaway.  Hmmmm… I’m still thinking about this one.  What book and what contest? Something about Thanksgiving perhaps?  Ideas people.  I need ideas!  My mind is as blank as an uninspired author’s word processor.  Help! I need to think of my next contest.  Something fun. In other news I got […]

Giveaway #3–Winners!

I’ve chosen my two winners.  I wish I could send a prize to every contestent.  You are all fantastic and I loved each entry.   Kris Seleshanko wins for being a classic Thumbkin: There’s no doubt about it. I’m a Thumbkin. Just look at my office. Well, okay, you can’t really see it through your computer […]

The best part of being Mr. Murry.

If you’ve read my post below (about giveaway #3) you’ll see that for my next Giveaway I asked my readers to send me notes telling me if they are a fastidious, type A Mr. Murry, or a slovenly, free-spirited Thumbkin.  Well, today I spent my time being Mr. Murry.  I did my spring cleaning.   “Gasp!  […]