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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

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Giveaway #5! Christmas Gift Giveaway!

I’m making this easy on us all…first two people to email me the name of a child they would like to give a book and movie to for Christmas wins (only one winner per household please)! Send your email to  I will post again as soon as the contest is closed. I wanted to […]

What’s Irresistible?

Ten Nine Things I Find Irresistible   Jody Mace recently posted about things she finds irresistible on her great blog (  She put out a call to bloggers to do the same. Because I’m drawing a blank on blog material I took her up on it. 1. Coffee in the morning. I’m a coffee freak–and the […]

Giveaway #4 now closed!

Oh, thank you for the wonderful notes.  The winners are Chelsea Lowe and Kristi Arthur, but I got several notes very close together! Chelsea Wrote: Time was of the essence when I sent that little note You’ve a cold with coughs and sneezing and a tickle in your throat. But you want to send Good […]

Giveaway #4 (Karma Feels Sick)

Hello everybody!  Karma Feels Sick today and I’m sniffling and snuffling as I write this post.  But I’m still excited for the next giveaway! Movie reviewer Jane Boursaw has donated some fantastic videos to accompany the signed books for my next few giveaways–just in time for Christmas gifts!  Visit Jane’s fabulous websites here (and remember parents–Jane […]