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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

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I’m back!

April fools! No, just kidding. I really am back. I’m hoping to be able to think of incredibly witty and intriguing things to post here about writing, children’s books, and my life each and every day. But even if I can’t think of what to eat for breakfast I shall try to check in on […]

Beautiful Babies

Here is a sneak peak of my illustration debut! The pictures in this new touch and feel book for babies and toddlers were all taken by me. Trust me, baby animals are divas! Super models have nothing on them. This book is coming out in Janurary. I had so much fun working on this! Karma


She’s almost here! My newest character will be in bookstores on 9/23/09! I can’t wait. I just adore this new series (illustrated by the talented Jane Chapman) and I hope you all will love Little Pip as much as I do! Hip, hip hooray for adorable, baby penguins! And pssst…she just might have her own […]

Giveaway open until Friday! NOW CLOSED

Hi all! Just a quick update–the current giveaway is open until this Friday. I’ve gotten tons of entries, so keep em coming. As of right now I’m working on my newest poetry collection. I can’t believe what a challenge it is to write 120 poems! But what a fun challenge. That brings me to a […]