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Karma Feels Scared! (Scholastic video shoot)

Imagine with me for a moment. Imagine you have gained a little weight during your “winter hibernation”.  Imagine you have a horrible cold complete with snuffling, sniffling and sneezing, not to mention a sore throat. Now imagine you get a call from Scholastic saying, “We are coming to Montana within the week to film you for an author video to promote Bear Feels Scared for Scholastic book fairs!”

Oh joy!

I’ve spent the last week in a semi-panic.  Would I look like some kind of female version of Clement Moore’s Santa–with a nose like a “cherry” and a belly like a “bowlful of jelly”? Cute enough on St. Nick, not so appealing on a middle-aged author. What would I wear? Would my hair behave? It never has up to this point. How would my voice sound with this awful cold? Would I even have a voice?  Would it be horribly rainy and drizzly (the film crew wanted to film out doors in a “bearsy” environment).

But lo-and-behold I survived.  In fact, it was fun. I opted to dress country/casual (avoiding frumpy/hick I hope). And when I woke up today my cold had departed and taken the drips and the drizzles with it.  The day was only partly cloudy and felt downright “balmy” (for Montana–for Arizona it would be an extreme cold snap).

The crew (Larry, Dave and Scott) were absolutely charming, funny, and sweet–and made me feel very at ease. We joked around a LOT. I mean, when the film guy gets deer “poo” on his knees while setting up the camera you can either laugh or, well–I don’t know, if you can’t laugh at that you probably wouldn’t get along with me.


Larry, me, my husband (Scott), Scott (from Scholastic) and Dave

It’s not the most scenic time of year right now, and the woods were a little “dead” looking–but since the book they featured was Bear Feels Scared it worked out well, since it’s set in the fall and isn’t full of greenery anyway. My husband and one of my sons came–and we joked that we were all loggers because we had to clear deadfalls so the ground didn’t look so cluttered. All in all a fun day.

One of the funniest parts of the day was when I had to peek around trees with my hand on my head like I was looking for bear. I felt like I was in a Captain Morgan’s commercial!  Oh, and true to form I almost fell flat on my face a few times while “strolling” through the woods. They wanted me to look natural, and I was trying not to look at my feet. Ha ha!


Me looking soooo photogenic