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Now I must read this book!

Did you see this article?

I really am curious about this book (Requiem for a Beast) which was determined to be one of the best picture books by the  Children’s Book Council Awards in Australia.  It looks like a picture book, but apparently is more of a graphic novel. Some people are all atwitter because the author chose to include some harsh language. Keep in mind that even though this book makes use of illustrations to further the story it is intended for older readers. Where do you stand on this?

I personally feel that if the “harsh” language is used in a way that doesn’t glorify it and the dialog is realistic then it should be included. Nothing feels more forced than reading a story and coming across a “golly” when you know the character wouldn’t have chosen that word. But I do understand the concerns of not exposing children to profanity–but ultimately feel that if we raise our children grounded in morals they will be able to see the language for what it is–a tool to portray a realistic character and story, and not something intriguing in a “naughty” way.

Reviews I’ve read for Requiem for a Beast have piqued my interest. It’s on my reading list.