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Impressions of Philly–Pat, Geno and Julie

I have been away on a trip to Philly. I had a great time!

Purpose of the trip: I went to sign almost 2000 books for a Toys-R-Us promo. It was actually cheaper and easier to fly me to the books than to fly the books to me!  The Simon & Schuster warehouse is actually in New Jersey, very close to Philadelphia.

We stayed for an extra day to take in the local history and investigate Philly cheesesteaks. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Food Network, and one of their shows featured two Philly cheeesesteak joints–Pat and Geno’s. The two sit caddy corner from each other and are longtime rivals. So we tested both. Bottom line impressions:

Pat’s: Very rude service and we found a hair on the sandwich. Overall the sandwich was flat, rather dry beef on a french roll with some grilled onions and cheese whiz. I could live without.

Geno’s: Very friendly service and everybody there seemed happy. The sandwich was similar in flavor to Pat’s but it tasted better because we didn’t find a hair and we were treated nicely.  Maybe I just “don’t get” the Philly cheesesteak phenomenon? I’ve since read some reviews that state that these two establishments cater to tourists and that there are local mom and pop joints with better “steaks”.  Hmmm… Oh well, it was fun going just for the experience.  And the fries at both places were good and fried in hot, hot grease so really crispy.

We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

We decided to go out to an Italian restaurant. While we were there we heard this huge party going on in the back room. There was much clapping and singing and merriment. It sounded so fun we asked the waiter about it. He informed us that Julie Andrews was attending the party! We took a quick sneak peek and sure enough, there she was! Mary Poppins! We didn’t invade her privacy (well, other than spying on her while she was attending a party…heh heh!). It was just so amazing to see her in the flesh!

I am currently exhausted from all the traveling and glad to be home. I love to visit the city, but I am just a country girl at heart. Perhaps that is why I write about bears, frogs and moose. 🙂

Glad to be home,