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A Cow and Some Chocolates….

I want to share something with you because it really touched me and helped me to realize how much (probably too much) I have.

Our family sponsors children in third world countries. I’m a strong supporter of Compassion because the charity watch organizations rate them highly and also  because they allow me to have direct interaction with my child. Letters and photos assure me that the money I send provides absolute necessities to the children and their families.

One of my sponsored children is in Bangladesh. He’s very articulate in his letters to me and he wants to grow up to be a teacher. A few months ago I sent an extra gift of $75 which goes directly to the family. To be honest I didn’t think much of it. Our family can spend that much on one meal out. It’s a small gift, not so noteworthy. But I know it goes further in third world countries. I clicked a few buttons and forgot all about it.

Yesterday I got a letter from my sponsor child. One line hit me hard. He thanked for the gift and said that with the money his family was able to buy “a cow and some chocolates”.  A cow! His family bought a cow, which in Bangladesh can be life changing, with what I consider chump change.  I’m having a hard time articulating how I felt…I suddenly had a small grasp on how much different my life is than the majority of people in the world.

And it’s a strange conundrum because while I feel happy that a family benefited from the gift, I feel almost guilty that I sent it off so casually. It wasn’t even a sacrifice to me, it was simply a few mouse clicks.

And the chocolates also hit me.  I imagine my sponsored child savoring the chocolate much like Charlie in Willy Wonka.  Chocolate must be a rare treat or why would he have even mentioned it?

Anyway, not really relevent to writing or children’s book, but I had to share.