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Barbie, Bratz, or a Corn Cob?

Have you heard about the new lawsuit?  Mattel (the makers of Barbie) is suing MGA Entertainment (the makers of Bratz dolls). Mattell claims that the designer, Carter Bryant, came up with the idea while still working for Mattel and therefore the dolls are property of Mattel.

First of all let me go on record. I’ve always thought that marketing a product called “Bratz” to kids glorifies bratty behavior.  How many times have I explained to my daughter the virtue of not being a “brat”?  So am I going to go and buy her a doll called “Bratz”?

Second, can you believe this? Barbie suing Bratz!?  I don’t remember there being a “Corporate Lawyer Barbie”, do you?  Ha!  In my humble opinion dolls, like Disney and Santa Clause, are becoming much too commercial for my taste. When I read the Little House series I remember being enchanted that Laura Ingalls loved her simple corn cob doll so very much.  I even wanted my own corn cob doll. I can picture Laura, lovingly wrapping her corn cob in swaddling cloths and holding it to her shoulder.

I used to collect dolls as a little girl. I loved and cherished them. My own daughter collects dolls and it is sweet to see her hold tea parities or “school sessions” with with her little “friends”. To me dolls (aside from Chucky) represent innocence and children learning to nurture. Throw in lawsuits, mini skirts, fashion, and sarcastic names and the whole appeal flies out the window. Am I wrong?