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Frogs and snakes and geckos, oh my!

I am currently working on illustrating one of my board books with my own photos. It’s a touch-n-feel board book about baby animals. Baby animals have proved, um, interesting to photograph. Let’s put it this way: You know when you’re trying to get good photos of your kids for Christmas and they will not stop moving, hitting each other, or crossing their eyes at the camera?  Yea, well, baby animals poop on the camera, and the photographer for that matter and none of them sit still!  But for the most part it’s been a gratifying project that is teaching me a lot about being a photographer.

My editors thought a great touch-n-feel element would be baby lizards or frogs or snakes (eek!). I reminded them that it’s March in Montana and there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Luckily I found a person willing to let me photograph his baby gecko. I’m not partial to lizards, but I have to admit this little guy was cute. His was the size of my pinky. As a bonus he didn’t relieve himself on my camera equipment or me and he was the stillest of all the baby animals I’ve photographed.

Thus far the most difficult baby animal to photograph has been a llama. The llama himself wasn’t bad, but his mother was insane. She charged me and tried to spit on me. I have a picture her baring her teeth at me which I took after I barely escaped her charge by slipping through the fence.  I’m going to write a book called Llama, Llama, Psychotic Mama!

Well, I took hundreds of pictures but not all will be in the book. Here’s one to celebrate spring. Chicks are hard to photograph by the way. They get this funny, angry look on their faces and they fall asleep every minute or so. When they aren’t sleeping they are chasing imaginary bugs. But they are pretty cute. 🙂