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I don’t even have a mural!

Google Alerts sent me a little blurb about the blog, TO TESS AND BACK. Apparently Tess, the adorable toddler star of the blog, loves Bear Wants More (hugs to Tess!).  Not only that, Julie, Tess’s Mom, mentioned a website with pictures of a child’s bedroom featuring a mural from Bear Wants More painted on one wall!  It’s one of the cutest bedrooms I’ve ever seen. Below you can see the mural photo and here’s a link to more photos (go look at it! It looks like something out of a parenting magazine).

I can’t believe this room!  Why don’t I have a mural, hmmm? In fact, why haven’t I ever had this nice of a bedroom in my whole life!? This mom should be an interior decorator. Maybe she is….

Anyway, I really recommend the whole site. The full story of this family is very compelling and if you’ve ever thought of adopting abroad it’s a great resource. The twins this room was designed for are adopted from China (and boy are they CUTE). 

But I still have to ask, why don’t I have a mural?!