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A poem and some pictures….

I took a walk with my camera and I was inspired to write a poem. I hope you will indulge me in allowing me to share it with you. Some of the pictures aren’t tack sharp. I took a cheap lens because it is light weight and has a long zoom, and I just wanted a general impression of the day.

Winter’s Retreat


I braved the chill and took a walk.

The cold served well to warm my mind.

With every crunching step I took

I left a troubled thought behind.

Worry fled this wintry world,

retreating from tranquility.

Through the wondrous white I waltzed

much enchanted to be free.

Nature held a gala ball,

all creation donned in grace.

Rosehips bent in lovely bow,

trees bedecked in winter’s lace.

Streams swirled free from icy grips

singing odes to far off spring.

Evergreens stood sentry watch

undisturbed by winter’s sting.

Leisurly I walked in bliss

thankful just to rove and roam.

But when I reached my own front door

the troubled thoughts had beat me home.

–KW 08