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New Year Re-solution

Have you ever noticed that the word resolution broken down is simply a solution redone?  Re-solution.  There is a reason for that–at the beginning of every year we think of solutions to our life’s problems, and promise ourselves we’re going to set the solutions into motion.  Then many times our solutions fail, or more likely are never given a chance to succeed.  As the days of the year march on, our solutions (or resolutions) fade into the past, undone.  Then when enough days speed past we find ourselves at the end of another year, no closer to our goals then we were a year ago. Why? Boy, this post sounds like a downer, huh?

Not at all.  Keep resolving, keep making resolutions.  It often takes many tries to get something right. Most ex-smokers have quit dozens of times.  Most ex-overweight people have lost thousands of lbs and regained them. Then one day something clicks, and the resolve sticks.  Success follows. 

I will write my novel this year.  What will you do?  Let’s not meet here next year, okay?  Let’s make this a solution, not a re-solution.  But if we do meet here again next year, let’s not give up.