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Girly-Girl giveaway and year end navel gazing…

If you haven’t entered yet, do so today. Details are found here.

Yesterday I was given the best Christmas present I’ve ever recieved.  Not diamonds. Not chocolate (mmmm).  Not an Alaskan Cruise (darn).

It was simply a nudge from God.  I woke up today with a renewed spirit and a happier outlook than I’ve had in ages.  So much of life is a blessing, and yet so often I’m complaining or dissatisfied.   My resolution is very simple–do more and do less.

Do more with my family.

Do more for others.

Do more activity.

Do more smiling.

Do more building others up.

Do less complaining.

Do less critisizing.

Do less nagging.

Do less frowning.

Do less tearing others down.

I am so grateful for every family who reads my books to their children.  But I’m really grateful for all parents out their who take time to read *any* book to their children.  The time you invest in your kids when they are small enough to curl up in your lap will pay dividends later. 

But as my kids grow I tend to neglect that.  They aren’t as needy and clingy, always reminding me with persistent tugs on my pants to give them attention.  That’s no excuse though, is it?  When you bring a child into your family you are (or should be) making a vow.  It’s a vow that you will do your best to fulfill their needs so they can grow into productive members of society–emotional needs and physical needs.  So I’m resolving to do more and less. 

Enough navel gazing for today.  Don’t forget to enter the girly-girl giveaway!