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Shel Silverstein and a nap.

DH and I have been staying up VERY late.  But I’ve been getting up with my daughter to get her off to school each day.  I like the quiet time in the morning.  It helps me think and get things done.  However, by midday I’m dragging.  This afternoon I had to take a nap, but before dozing off I read some Shel Silverstein poems from A Light in the Attic.  Growing up I loved Shel, and he’s still my one of my favorite poets (Robert Service is another).

I read Hippo’s Hope about a hippo who wanted to fly. The poem has three alternate endings, which I find hilarious in light of all the DVD movies we now have with alternate endings.  I read The Adventures of a Frisbee, which is funny, yet philosophical as well (we all need to be true to our nature). I could go on and on about Shel’s work. 

It’s amazing what a nap and few Shel poems can do for inspiring creativity.  I woke up with four complete poems in mind–a strong start for my next poetry book. I’ll never be as clever as Shel.  He had such a gift for thinking around the borders of the obvious and getting to the heart of silliness.  And yet, so many of his poems used humor as an insight into human nature–both the good and bad. I love that.  I want to be like Shel when I grow up–well, kind of.  He was rumored to be a little crazy.  So am I, but in a different way. 

So what are some of these new poems?  One is titled, Mary Ellen’s Watermelon.  Another is, My Sister’s Toenails.  Mmm…hmm.  Nothing too philosophical in this batch folks. But I do have a vague, cobwebby wisp of what might be the title poem.  Do you have a favorite Shel poem?  Do you hate Shel?  Discussion is welcome.  Of course, I realize you might all be too busy wrapping presents, eating cookies, and keeping the kids out of the presents. That’s okay too.

I’ve been getting lots of giveaway entries!  Keep sending entries and tell your friends.  The contest is open until 12/27/07.