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Another favorite story that never sold!

Well, you all my remember A Quilt for Fergus McGinny, which is a book I wrote that never sold.  Here is another book I wrote which never sold.  Enjoy! (Please excuse formatting errors–this will just not post in the prettiest fashion!)

See Ya Later, Alice Gator!


Karma Wilson 

Alice Gator lived all alone in Gullywater Marsh.  Every day Alice would venture out to take a romp through the swamp. Nobody ever said hello to Alice.Alice waved at the frogs and grinned her toothiest grin.  But the frogs did not grin back.  They were afraid of Alice.“See ya later, Alice Gator!”  Hop…Hop…Hop…. 

Alice glided up to the fish.  She glugged out a big, “Howdy!” 

But the fish did not say howdy back.  They were afraid too.“See ya later, Alice Gator!”


Alice even scared the snakes.  “Ssssee ya later, Alice Gator!”


Since Alice had nobody else to talk to, she took to talking to herself.  When she woke up she said, “Good morning Alice, how are you today?”

Then she answered.  “Lovely.  Thank you for asking.”

At brunch she would say, “Alice, please pass the pepper?”

She would answer, “My pleasure.  Here you are.”

And when she left for her romp through the swamp she never said, “See ya later, Alice Gator.”  Instead she said, “Ta…ta… Alice.

Come back soon.”Alice became rather good friends with herself.  But still….sometimes Alice felt lonely.  One day she said.  “Alice, it’s time you moved on.  Nobody in Gullywater likes you, except me, of course.” She answered, “I suppose I should go.” So Alice packed her bags.  As she slumped through the swamp she said, “Goodbye frogs.  Goodbye fish.  Goodbye snakes.  You’ll be glad to know I’m leaving!” 

The only reply was, “HURRAY!  See ya later, Alice Gator!”

 Hop… Splash… S..s..s..lither…. 

            Alice wandered through the woods looking for a new home. She saw a Mama Possum with three babies.  The babies smiled so Alice cried, “Hello, I’m Alice Gator!”   But the Mama Possum screamed, “Aaahhh!” and hurried off with her babies.         Scurry…scurry…scurry….  For many days Alice traveled, but everywhere was the same.  Every creature was terrified of Alice.  “Oh, Alice,” she said to herself.  “Will you ever find a home?” She answered, “I do hope so.”

Alice stopped to rest and have a chat with herself.  “It’s very hot isn’t it Alice?  A cool dip in Gullywater sounds quite refreshing.”

She answered, “Yes.  Yes it does.”

“You know, Alice, it’s not that I don’t like you. Of course I do.  But sometimes I wish I could talk to somebody else.  Do you?”

 She answered, “Yes.  Yes I do.”

 “Nobody likes you in Gullywater, except me, of course.  But it’s the same every where, isn’t it?”

Alice sniffed and replied, “Yes.  Yes it is.”

Alice wiped her tears, picked herself up and said, “Well, sniveling won’t change anything.  Buck up and let’s go home.  You do know the way, don’t you dear?”

Alice thought.  “No.  No I don’t!

Alice set out to find home.  After awhile she came upon a swamp.  It looked familiar, but it couldn’t be Gullywater.

“Why just look at those strange creatures, Alice.  We didn’t have those at home.”  (ART NOTE: Strange creatures are human boys.)

She answered, “No.  No we didn’t!  Let’s go say hello.”

 So she slipped into the water and swam over to introduce herself.  Alice noticed

that one of the creatures squeezed several squiggling snakes.  Another was poking sticks at some frogs.  Still another had a fish hanging from the end of a pole!  Alice raised herself from the water and said, “Hello, I’m Alice Gator.  May I ask what you’re doing?”   “ALIGATOR!  RUN!”


The creatures dropped everything and ran screaming into the woods.  The fish, frogs and snakes were free!  Alice recognized them.  This was Gullywater after all. Alice

was home!Alice said, “You’ll all be very sorry to know I’m back!”  But to her surprise the only reply was,“HURRAY!  Welcome home Alice Gator!” 

From that day on the strange creatures avoided Gullywater and Alice.  But Alice had plenty of friends to chat with, including the frogs, fish, snakes and herself of course. 

Nobody ever, ever said, “See ya later, Alice Gator.”  Instead they said, “Ta…ta… Alice, come back soon. 

And Alice always did.