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A karaoke birthday party!

Today we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday.  The little munchkin was actually born on December 20th, but that puts parties so close to Christmas that nobody shows up. So we chose today to celebrate. I can’t believe she’s turning eleven!  Dear readers, my youngest child is turning eleven.  Any advice on avoiding a mid-life crisis?  My oldest is taller than me and my youngest will soon wear a real bra.  But I’m still young at heart!

This will be SUCH a fun party.  My daughter doesn’t know it yet, but I got her a *real* karaoke machine for her birthday.  And I got her three karaoke albums including the Hannah Montana album.  We are going to have a day filled with little girls singing “Best of Both Worlds”. One of the little girls is actually 37 but she does know the song by heart….is that the sign of a mid-life crisis?  We will have pizza and Black Forest Cake.  And for an activity I’m going to take a picture of each little girl in a Santa hat and use it in a Christmas Ornament craft.  And maybe I can convince the girls to let me sing “Just Around the River Bend” from the Disney Princess Karaoke CD I also bought. Dear readers– I swear, the karaoke machine really is for my daughter.  Pinky Promise!

I’m off to prepare for the festivities. I have balloons to buy, cakes to frost and pizza crust to prepare.  I can’t wait to sing Best of Both worlds karaoke style.  I have to go check the mail because the Christmas Karaoke I ordered may have arrived. 

I am so glad that my daughter and I are BFF! And I guess if my mid-life crisis involves belting out Disney Princess tunes with eleven-year-olds then I’m just going to enjoy the ride.