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What’s Irresistible?

Ten Nine Things I Find Irresistible  

Jody Mace recently posted about things she finds irresistible on her great blog (  She put out a call to bloggers to do the same. Because I’m drawing a blank on blog material I took her up on it.

1. Coffee in the morning. I’m a coffee freak–and the day isn’t started without the smell of coffee. When I am curled up on the couch, laptop warming my lap, and my hands curled around a hot, steaming cup of brew–that is how mornings are supposed to start. My children are trained to make and retrieve coffee. They learned the skill of getting coffee just after potty training.

2. Being barefoot: I kick off my shoes the minute I walk in the door.  I hate wearing shoes.  I love the free, breezy feeling of my feet unencumbered. My husband has no sympathy when I stub my toes–he is an obsessive shoe wearer and hates being barefoot.

3. Buying shoes.  Seems counterproductive considering my previous entry, but just because I hate wearing them doesn’t mean I hate buying them.  I love buying shoes, especially boots.  Boots are the bomb!

4. Interpreting the thoughts of our animals.  This is actually a family obsession.  We all talk for our animals–a lot.  Each of our animals has a distinctive voice.  Our cat believes he is the king of the whole world.  He talks in a deep, rich, royal voice and commands us to do his “bidding”.  Our Jack Russell Terrier talks in a higher pitched voice and she calls everybody, “sucker”.  (I don’t know why she’s allowed.  My kids would actually get in trouble if they used the same word about others).  Anyway, every animal has a voice and personality and we sort of, kind of, channel their spirits. 🙂  (The one common thread is that our animals all call us “humans”).

5. Watching UFC.  It’s true, I’m an ultimate fighting fan.  I buy every UFC pay-per-view and we all go so nuts watching the fights that our dog starts barking at us.  Uh-huh.  In my defense I actually train at mixed martial arts, and that’s why I’m so interested in this sport. 

6. Running google searches on myself.  I like to know what’s going on with my books and this is the best to find news.  I’m really not a narcissist.  (I don’t think….am I? Narcissists usually don’t recognize the trait do they?)

7.  Charity bells.  I can’t resist them.  If somebody is ringing the bell and I don’t put money in the bucket I feel like a dirt bag.  I actually get mad if I don’t have cash to put in–and I’ll get some as I checkout at the store to put in on the way out.  My dog would say I’m a sucker…but it’s an easy way to help others.

8. Procrastinating.  I can’t resist putting off everything until the last possible moment.  No amount of organization self help books/articles help me. I tried fly-lady and procrastinated every single schedule she had me on (and resented her making me wear shoes).  I even procrastinated signing off her list and had fly lady emails piling up in my email for months after I had totally ditched the whole routine! I don’t know why I’m like this.  It’s a serious character flaw–especially for an author! (I don’t miss deadlines though).

9. Going to bed with a clean kitchen–I hate getting up to a dirty kitchen. I’m not a tidy or organized person.  This is the one cleaning routine I’m a little OCD about.

And just for Jody I’m ending my list right there.

The next giveaway is on Friday, Dec. 7th!  Two more giveaways with movies and books!