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Hello readers.  Good news!  I’ve been nominated for the CYBIL award–twice! The nominees are Give Thanks to the Lord and Bear Feels Sick. What is a CYBIL you ask? Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards. It’s a literary award conceived, generated and executed in the blogging community.

Once upon a time the blogging community had a discussion about literary awards and the consensus was that the Newberry Awards seemed too elitist (their words, not mine Newberry judges!) and the Quills weren’t elitist enough (Quills judges–see previous note to Newberry judges).  So the CYBIL award was born.  And readers and writers lived happily ever after!

In my opinion any award bringing attention to good literature is a great idea and I encourage you all to check out all the other wonderful nominees.  If you take a gander at my sidebar and scroll down you’ll see a big button that links to CYBIL award nominees and the CYBIL site. Click away and learn more about this wonderful new award and some great children’s books to boot!

I’m very honored to be among the nominees.