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Favorite Book that Never Sold….

Okay, here’s one for you all–the text to my favorite book that never sold.  I think it’s better than a lot of my books that have sold, but what do I know? I had an enormous amount of fun writing this and really wanted to see it published and illustrated. I can’t bear to keep it locked up in the My Documents folder any longer.  So here it is in all it’s glory–A Quilt for Fergus McGinny

I’ll post more of these manuscripts occasionally.


A Quilt for Fergus McGinny


Karma Wilson

Fergus McGinny, didn’t have any

quilts for the top of his old feather bed.

So each night he shivered,

trembled and quivered,

pulled his old blanket up over his head…


and what do you know?  Out popped his toes!

He pulled it back down, but uncovered his nose.

Every night poor Fergus plum froze. 



Fergus McGinny didn’t have any

fabric to sew up a quilt for his bed.

Just the clothes on his back,

an old flour sack,

his coat and his blanket…”But still,” Fergus said,


“All of this stuff just might be enough.

My kilt is too long, my coat needs no cuff,

the blanket is soft, and the sack’s not so rough.”


And so Fergus clipped, measured and snipped.

He trimmed up his kilt just as short as he dared.

His shirt grew much smaller.

His coat had no collar.

His blanket was gone, not that he cared….


Fergus cut more from the clothes that he wore.

The scraps kept on growing and covered his floor.

He cut so much fabric his hands became sore.


“Oh but I know, this quilt that I sew

will cover me up me from my head to my feet!

And come any storm,

I’ll keep snug and warm.

In fact I’ll sweat buckets from all of that heat!”


Careful and slow he started to sew.

“I’ll put clouds on top and pansies below,

and pretty black geese flying straight in a row!”


It took quite a while, but soon his scrap pile

became even finer than Fergus had planned.

“Just look at that stitching,

by gum it’s bewitching.

I’d say there’s no other quilt half as grand!”


Then to his delight he finished one night,

and held up a quilt that looked bonny and bright.

But Fergus himself made a terrible sight…


His knobby old knees were exposed to the breeze.

His outfit looked tattered and dreadfully spare.

His shirt was a vest,

which revealed half his chest.

His bed would be covered, but Fergus was bare.


He realized his blunder and cried out, “By thunder!

I’ve traded me clothes for a quilt to sleep under.

But what’ll I do in the daytime I wonder?”


“Well I suppose that I must have some clothes.

He took his last shilling from down off the shelf.

“But still, I’d be rude

to go out half-nude.

I’d best use this quilt to cover myself.”


And so with a frown he headed to town.

He mumbled, “By jeepers I look like a clown.

I’ll pick up my step and keep my head down.”


With nowhere to hide, poor Fergus was spied.

Wherever he went folks pointed and said,

“Why isn’t it fine!

“I wish it were mine.”

“I’d pay quite a lot for that quilt on my bed!”


Then at the store the quilt Fergus wore

was traded for clothes and enough fabric more

to make other quilts.  At least forty-four!


Now Fergus McGinny didn’t have any

Lumber to build McGinny’s Quilt Shop.

“But the roof on my home

is a large, sturdy dome.

I’ll just trim a few boards from there off the top.

And maybe the sides…then surely I’ll stop.

Chop!    Chop!