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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

Giveaway #3–Winners!

I’ve chosen my two winners.  I wish I could send a prize to every contestent.  You are all fantastic and I loved each entry.  

Kris Seleshanko wins for being a classic Thumbkin:

There’s no doubt about it. I’m a Thumbkin. Just look at my office. Well, okay, you can’t really see it through your computer screen, but trust me! It’s a mess! I have piles stacked upon piles of papers, all threatening to fall over should I ever so slightly bump them. The moment my two year old enters this room, those stacks of books on my printer and scanner are going to topple over. Here’s a candy wrapper I haven’t bothered to throw away yet. Oh, and *here’s* where my favorite Christmas CD ended up being “stored” last January! Over there are some boxes of…well, I’m not sure of what. But they must be important or I wouldn’t have them…right?

I don’t sleep a lot like Thumbkin, but I would if my toddler would let me! 🙂 

Ah, I do understand Kris.  Toddlers aren’t allowed to let us sleep.  It isn’t in their job description. As for that Christmas CD–don’t move it or you’ll never find it next year. 😉

Amy Lundberg, my second winner, is a classic Mr. Murry:

I find that I am a lot like Mr. Murry, but thanks to my children Alec 3 and Elijah 1, I have learned to be more like Mr. Thumbkin. Together with fun and games we tackle those chores that need to be done and once we have accomplished those basic items, we are off enjoying our world whether it is spent whipping up yummy desserts or enjoying our beautiful outdoors.

Amy, you are a wonderful mother–and I can tell you are indeed a Mr. Murry.  Thank goodness for the Mr. Murrys of the world!

Thanks to all contestents…come back in two weeks for my next contest.