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I’m no Einstein….

I took my daughter Chrissy (age ten) on a two hour road trip today–just the two of us.  We chatted, sang like fools, and had a wonderful time in general.  At one point my daughter paused for a moment, cocked her head, and asked, “Mom?”

“Yes?” I replied.

“What was Einstein’s last name?” she inquired, quite seriously.


Dear readers, will it shock you terribly if I say I actually paused for a minute to try and remember the answer? 

It did come to me (truly) and I laughed at the wonderful “Linkletter-esque” quality of the question itself, as well as my own momentary stupidity (really, the question could be on Jay Leno’s “Jay Walkers”).

Alas, I am no Einstein, and my daughter inherited the lack of genius from me.