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2nd Giveaway Closed!

Okay, first of all I’m so mad at myself.  I made a big, fancy reminder post about the contest last night–thought I posted it, and just now found it in drafts.  I also thought I posted a note about the contest being closed and couldn’t find that anywhere.  Obviously I’m not a capable blogger as of yet!

I did get some great entries even with no reminder!

Roz Fulcher’s daughter Emily Fulcher is the winner of the child prize.  She’s 11 and she drew me an awesome picture of a gorgeous yellow Whopper cake! I want to post it, but some error message keeps coming up (more of my blogging intelligence showing).

And Holly Heenan wins the adult prize.  Thanks Holly, for your fun message! And thanks to the other lovely people who have sent me birthday notes. How I wish everybody could win! 

Now, watch my next post.  I want your ideas for more giveaways!