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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.


Hurray, hurray for the giveaway!

The first teacher that emails me at (must specify school location, address, phone number and grade you teach in the body of the email–info sent remains private) and references this blog entry gets a FREE Bear Wants More DVD and a free Bear event kit with stickers, posters, and goodies. (US and Canada only–sorry.) TEACHER CONTEST NOW CLOSED: WINNER–Teacher Mary Lehman,  Congrats Mary!

First homeschool parent that emails me at (must specify address, phone number, and indicate you homeschool in body of email–all info sent remains private) gets a free Hello, Calico! board book and free Calico stickers. (US and Canada Only–sorry.) Contest Closed: Winner–Amy Imbriaco,  Congrats Amy!

Only one winner per category today. 

These giveaways will run every other week or so starting now. I will be giving gifts to parents, teachers, kids, and more. Future gifts include paperback signed books, hardcover signed books, a collection of my photo cards, and sometime this year a FREE MASCOT VISIT!  So keep visiting my blog because this is where all contests will take place.  And if you are enjoying these entries, please take time to comment.  Thanks!

Today’s gifts are a celebration of TEACHING, both at home or in a school envioronment. 

 NOTE: As soon as there are winners I will announce here that the contest is closed and list the names of the winners.