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Welcome Friends! Here is a place for teachers, parents, librarians and writers to learn what's going on in the world of book author Karma Wilson.

Name that Blog!

The other day I had a teleconference with my one of my web designers (Hi Abi!) and she asked what my blog heading should be.  Being a creative and talented writer I immediately said, “Huh?”  and drew a complete blank. I threw out some some inspired choices like, “Karma’s Online Blog” and “Good Karma–an Author’s Blog”.  But we both knew those, well, stunk.

 Then Abi said, “You just need something simple, like, I dunno, Welcome to Good Karma.” 

“PERFECT!” I cried. Fun and friendly word play is always right up my alley. Too bad I didn’t think of it. Oh well, I did come up with the “Good Karma” part.

It’s ironic I’m having fun with my name now. Through much of my life I literally hated it.  As a kid growing up in a small northwest town my name was  simply “weird” (so was yogurt and wheat bread, both of which were also forced upon me by my “hippy” mom).  I was dubbed “Karmel Korn” by the other kids. When I was 14, Boy George’s hit Karma Chameleon climbed the charts and plunged me into “the depths of despair” as Anne of Green Gables would say.  From that day on half of the people I met would sing Karma Chameleon upon learning my name. The other half jokingly quipped, “Good Karma or bad Karma?” 

But around the time I turned 30 (Don’t even ask how long ago that was– I’ve come to terms with my name, not my age.) “Karma” became cool.  Today there are perfumes, energy drinks, makeup lines, and even Nike golf balls sporting the name “Karma”.  Almost everyone that is introduced to me says, “Wow, I love your name!”  

It seems “Karma” stands out from the crowd, and for an author that’s a “good” thing.  So, what goes around comes around.  The name I always wished wasn’t mine has turned out to be a blessing.  Thanks Mom!  (And I still love wheat bread and yogurt too.) 

But dear readers, please remember, I was “Karma” when Karma wasn’t cool.  And welcome to, Good Karma. I do try to be good, especially here on my blog where I will discuss a variety of eclectic topics, including my books, writing, photography, family, current events, updates to my website, and for today, my name. 

I hope you check back often.